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Environmental & Permitting Services for Natural Resource Projects


Expert Environmental & Permitting Services

At Professional Permitting, our commitment to you is all in the name.

We have over 40 years combined experience in environmental compliance, permitting, document preparation, and project management for public and private communities across the western United States. The wide range of services we can provide makes us a top choice to ensure your project is completed the way it should be—start to finish. We work towards increasing the overall value of your project or operation by providing you with efficient, satisfactory services.

Formed in 2012, Professional Permitting is a family owned and operated business. Our office is located in Dayton, Wyoming—a town nestled at the foot of the Big Horn Mountains, bordering the range land where our family has run cattle for almost 100 years. Our passion and dedication to the land we operate on can be witnessed through the quality of work we do as well as the lifestyle we’ve followed for five generations.

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